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Proven therapeutic benefits

NUPRO® Sensodyne® Prophylaxis Paste relieves hypersensitivity and removes stain1. It works by occluding tubules, effectively closing the path to pain and discomfort. It's also dye and gluten-free for patients whose sensitivities extend beyond their teeth.

NUPRO Prophylaxis Paste with Fluoride and NovaMin

Competitor Comparison

NUPRO® Sensodyne® Prophylaxis Paste with NovaMin®

2000x Magnification
Tubule occlusion results—1 minute after normal polishing
and rinse.1
Images from laboratory experimentation.

  • Prophylaxis paste with ACP
    Prophylaxis paste with ACP
  • Prophylaxis paste with Recaldent™
    Prophylaxis paste with Recaldent™
  • Prophylaxis paste with ProArgin™
    Prophylaxis paste with ProArgin™

Benefits of NUPRO® Sensodyne® Prophylaxis Paste


  • Clinically proven immediate sensitivity relief1
  • Lasting sensitivity relief1
  • NUPRO® Sensodyne® Prophylaxis Paste releases Calcium and Phosphate Ions1 during use
  • Different Flavors
  • Stain removal & polishing formulas
  • Dye & Gluten free
  • SLS free (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate)
  • Orange flavor is Peppermint Oil Free


  • Indicated for use for the immediate relief of sensitivity1
  • Important components for oral health contained in the paste4
  • Modern flavors for patient choice and preference
  • Select the proper grit level for the job
  • Reliability you can count on
  • Perfect for patients with dye allergies