A portfolio designed for continuous care A portfolio designed for continuous care

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Performance Meets Protection

A portfolio designed for continuous care

Comfort is an everyday concern for patients with hypersensitivity. Now they can get immediate relief at your office with NUPRO® Sensodyne® Prophylaxis Paste1. It's integrated care from the brands you trust, powered by NovaMin® calcium-phosphate technology, only available in NUPRO® Sensodyne®.

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Clinical study of prophy paste with NovaMin for sensitivity relief

The Science of NovaMin®

NovaMin® has been proven to relieve sensitivity. It's the key ingredient in the NUPRO® Sensodyne® Prophy Paste. Only NUPRO® Sensodyne® Prophy Paste has it.

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Successful Treatments

The proof is in the patients. Learn firsthand how clinicians have found an in-office sensitivity solution they can count on with NUPRO® Sensodyne® Prophy Paste.

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